How does Cobalt source its data?

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Aggregate Market Trends

  • One of the world’s largest allocators to private equity
  • Has one of the most expansive, accurate, and timely databases in the industry
  • Hamilton Lane provides Cobalt with daily cash flow data across >50% of all private markets capital ever raised
  • Hamilton Lane also provides fundraising coverage data through its 15 global offices and 800+ meetings with managers annually
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Transparent GP Track Records

  • A provider of technology solutions to the private markets
  • Collect limited partner sourced data through the public domain
  • Bison’s data is completely transparent allowing users to see the limited partner source of each performance metric
  • For over 2,300 funds, Bison has collected quarterly cash flows for the life of the fund

The Combined Cobalt Database

How is Cobalt’s data differentiated?

Transparent: Using Bison data, users can see the exact source of each performance metric, allowing users to choose from multiple limited partner sources of data.

Unbiased: Cobalt’s data is not biased by survey collection or general partner provided data.

Quality: Data is not collected through surveys. Hamilton Lane’s back office operations maintain comprehensive controls and store data in an independently audited control environment.

Representative: Market trend data is scaled by known sample coverage across private market styles and geographies. Market analysis statistics such as cash flow totals and time-weighted returns represent an industry-level view of activity for $7.3 trillion in capital.

* As of 7/31/2017

** Daily cash flow coverage for over $3.3T of private markets capital, or more than half of all private markets capital contained in Cobalt, which we believe represents the industry. As of 7/31/2017.

*** Based on the percentage of Hamilton Lane funds that are above $100M