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What is the Horizon Model?

Investors in the private markets face a unique challenge of predicting liquidity in their portfolios. They also need to strategically plan their new commitment schedule, but are often bogged down in inefficient spreadsheets. The Horizon Model is a proprietary cash flow and NAV growth prediction tool that allows users to stress test potential portfolio outcomes and design custom commitment plans. Click the button below to access a full report describing the methodology behind the Horizon Model and how it can help your organization power the portfolio planning process. 

What Makes Cobalt LP Different?

Sophisticated but Approachable

Cobalt makes it easy to add sophisticated analytics to your portfolio reviews and diligence reports. Move away from clunky spreadsheets and quickly solve complex problems such as PME, cash flow forecasting, peer benchmarking, value creation and attribution.

Connected Data

Comprehensive, timely, high quality, and transparent private market data + public market index benchmarks + your portfolio data + GP track records. All in one powerful analytic platform. Cobalt is a front-office intelligence tool that can store your cash flows or connect to and complement your back-office solution.

Customer Focus

Our customers utilize our dedicated customer success teams for onboarding, training and ongoing support. Cobalt is a self-service platform, but we aim to guide you towards success.

Hamilton Lane + Bison = Powerful Partnerships

For the first time, a leading private markets investor and a cutting edge technology team have come together to build solutions for the private markets. We work together on behalf of our clients to solve their private markets challenges.

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