Periodic Table Movers

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In the world of private markets investing, not all IRRs are created equal. That’s a pretty simple statement with a rather complex explanation. Similarly, this is a pretty simple visual of a rather complex analysis, and digging beyond the surface reveals some interesting implications.

The Push for Stronger Data Analytics to Power Portfolio Construction and Investment Selection

By Mike Ryan | Business
This year’s SuperReturn U.S. conference in Boston delivered another impressive lineup of panels and speakers covering everything from the impact of the geopolitical landscape on investment opportunities to trends in distressed, fundraising and secondaries, as well as a State of the Union-type discussion on the macro global market. One theme that emerged throughout the event, and one that continues to headline countless meetings among GPs and LPs, is the evolution of data analytics that has accompanied the growth and diversification of the private markets.

Private Capital Markets Platform Cobalt Now Integrated with Ipreo’s iLEVEL

Bison, a leading technology provider focused on developing innovative, analytical solutions for the private markets, today announced a new, native integration of the Cobalt GP and Cobalt LP products with Ipreo‘s iLEVEL platform.

Dealing with Currency Effects on Private Market Portfolios

By Mike Ryan | Business, CobaltLP, Data
A dollar is just not worth what it used to be.” Often uttered in reference to movie tickets or penny candy, this phrase is equally true in the world of investments. The value of a U.S. dollar relative to the euro, pound or yen can change on a daily basis – and with that change can come consequences for an investor’s returns on international investments.

Announcing 2nd Quarter Cobalt Market Insights

Cobalt Market Insights is just a sample of the intelligence that can be gained from the Market Analysis part of the Cobalt LP platform. Investors are using our comprehensive, accurate, and timely market data to drive portfolio construction and investment selection decisions.

An in-Depth Look at Cobalt’s Data

At Hamilton Lane, quality data and analytics have long been a key part of our DNA. As a strong advocate of a technology evolution in private markets investing, we strongly believe that the private markets need to invest in infrastructure for data collection and analysis. That is why we developed Cobalt LP, powered by Hamilton Lane’s data.

Congratulations to our Technology Partner Bison

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Bison was just named a Top 14 FinTech Startup to Watch by BostInno, a Streetwise Media publication dedicated to profiling local innovation in Boston.

What’s to Become of the Unicorns?

By Rod Berry | Business
Led by Uber’s private market valuation of $68 billion, the list of private companies with a valuation of at least $1 billion has grown to 185 with a combined valuation of $644 billion.1 Private companies carrying such a high valuation have earned the moniker “unicorns,” presumably a reflection of how rare this valuation level once was. However, the rarity of these creatures seems to be lessening by the day.

Transparency and Analytics: Are you Keeping Up?

By Keith Brittain | Business
In late March, hundreds of industry participants convened in Boston for the annual PartnerConnect East conference. In addition to networking opportunities, the event featured a number of keynote speakers and several breakout sessions – covering private equity, venture capital and real estate – moderated by reporters and editors of Buyouts magazine. While the dialogue of the event spanned the gamut of the private markets, there was one theme in particular that stood out: Transparency & Analytics.

The Private Markets Industry Has Evolved: How Investors and Managers Can Keep Up

By Lindsey Gusenburg | Business
Lindsey Gusenburg, Principal of Marketing at Bison, Inc., sat down with Hamilton Lane’s Vice Chairman and Head of Strategic Initiatives, Erik Hirsch, to discuss how the private markets have evolved over time and how the industry’s overall evolution has impacted the way Limited Partners build portfolios and the way General Partners attract investor capital.