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Cobalt is an analytics powerhouse for Limited Partners.

Bridging the gaps between your data, market data, and insights.

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Analyze your portfolio. Gather market insights. Make informed decisions.

Have all the answers at your fingertips.
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Benchmark with confidence.

Run public market equivalent analysis.
Access comprehensive market data.
Choose a custom peer set.
Access Cobalt Market Insights

Manage your portfolio.

Discover performance drivers.
Evaluate potential strategies.
Plan for future commitments.
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Gain diligence efficiency.

Assess a general partner’s track record.
Understand sources of value creation.
Access list of funds coming to market.
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Share data with anyone.  Access anywhere.

Welcome to the future of private markets analytics.

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About Cobalt

Cobalt for Limited Partners is a cloud-based enterprise solution for private markets investors.  Cobalt’s services are provided on an annual subscription basis.  With a Cobalt subscription, clients gain unlimited access to Cobalt’s analytics tools for assessing portfolio performance and diligencing general partner track records, as well as Cobalt’s robust database of limited-partner-sourced fund returns and investor profiles.

About Us

Hamilton Lane and Bison, each leaders in their respective spaces, have come together to create a dynamic analytics solution for limited partners.  Hamilton Lane brings data and experience, with more than 25 years as a global private markets investor and adviser.  Bison brings cutting-edge software solutions dedicated to innovating the way we work in private equity.  To find out more about each company, click on the links below.

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