Business intelligence for private markets investors

Customize portfolio analysis, automate diligence reports and access comprehensive benchmarks—all in one platform

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How Cobalt Works


Tired of cumbersome spreadsheets?

Tired of stale databases?

You need flexible analytics!

Move beyond spreadsheets and automate
the most challenging modeling tasks facing LPs


Portfolio Analysis

Custom reports, PME benchmarking, fund quartiles and value drivers

Commitment Planning

Cash flow forecasting, commitment pace solver, scenario simulation, and what-if analysis

Investment Diligence

Peer comparison, deal attribution, value creation, and funds coming to market


Cobalt for Limited Partners is a cloud-based enterprise solution for private markets investors. Cobalt’s services are provided on an annual subscription basis. With a Cobalt subscription, clients gain unlimited access to Cobalt’s analytics tools for assessing portfolio performance and diligencing general partner track records, as well as Cobalt’s robust database of limited-partner-sourced fund returns and investor profiles.


Hamilton Lane and Bison, each leaders in their respective spaces, have come together to create a dynamic analytics solution for limited partners. Hamilton Lane brings data and experience, with more than 26 years as a global private markets investor and adviser. Bison brings cutting-edge software solutions dedicated to innovating the way we work in private equity. To find out more about each company, click on the links below.